# About NAETION ($NTN)

$NTN is NAETION's utility token. Anyone can use it to get access to special features inside NAETION, and service providers (QUESTers) can use it to submit and vote on proposals for how the platform should work.

# Learn more about NAETION ($NTN)

NAETION ($NTN) will be on sale for a limited time to early supporters. To access any presales, be sure to keep up with us on Telegram and Discord.

Learn more about NAETION ($NTN)


Learn about NAETION ($NTN)'s tokenomics

Through NAETION ($NTN), service providers will finally have a stake and a say in the platform they use to earn a living.

NAETION ($NTN) will be awarded to service providers who serve clients through NAETION. QUESTers will then be able to use their NAETION ($NTN) to submit and vote on proposals that control how the platform operates as a whole.

Users transacting in NAETION ($NTN) on the app will be rewarded with lower in-app transaction fees. This will incentivize many unfamiliar with crypto to hold and use NAETION ($NTN) to get things done in their daily lives.

Users will be able to earn NAETION ($NTN) in several ways:

  • By completing jobs and getting great reviews from clients.
  • By hitting client service milestones such as "5 jobs completed".
  • By leaving reviews after hiring a QUESTers.
  • By referring friends to the NAETION ecosystem.
  • By vetting those who want to become QUESTers.
  • By resolving disputes.
  • By depositing funds into yield farming pools or lending pools through HJÆLP Yield.
  • And more.

Pools on NAETION Yield and other platforms that feature NAETION ($NTN) will also be boosted with higher APYs to incentivize adoption.

NAETION ($NTN) tokenomics

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