HJÆLP Yield is designed to generate yield in a variety of ways for both HJÆLP platform users as well as more technically savvy users who can interact with the protocol through the NAETION Yield dApp. It is currently in development.

HJÆLP Yield is a yield aggregator that allows users to generate yield through yield farming, lending, and borrowing. It aggregates the best performing yield pools from across different DeFi protocols and uses battle-tested strategies to increase yield and decrease risk.

# Farming

Users will be able to deposit tokens in yield farming pools that earn variable yield. Yield is created by providing liquidity on various DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc. Smart contracts will route tokens to the pool with the highest return for the token pair chosen. Yield smart contracts will interact with protocols like Yearn and others to generate yield. Auto-compounding features will be put in place where possible.

# Lending

Users will be able to deposit tokens in lending aggregator pools that then lend out funds to borrowers automatically. Borrowers pay interest, and lenders receive a portion of the interest earned. The protocol will primarily aggregate lending opportunities from other protocols like Yearn, Aave and Compound. Eventually, it may include its own lending exchange as well.

# Borrowing

Users will be able to borrow tokens at reasonable interest rates by providing other tokens as collateral. The protocol will first aggregate borrowing options from other protocols like Aave, Compound, and others. Eventually, it may host its own borrowing protocol as well.