# Become a QUESTer

We're so glad you're here! Service providers (QUESTers) are the heart and soul of NAETION. You are why we exist. We're here to make it much easier, more powerful, and more lucrative for you to showcase, sell, and manage your service business. Whatever that is!

Provide services on NAETION

NAETION is like if Upwork paid you in shares of their company every time you completed a job. And took a 0% fee from service providers (we only charge clients 10%).

Imagine, for all the work you do, not just getting paid in cash for it - but being rewarded with the ability to control the platform itself, and benefit from upside when the network grows.

Welcome to NAETION.

That's right: Every time you get paid on NAETION, you'll also receive NAETION ($NTN) tokens. Those tokens will enable you to submit and vote on proposals for how NAETION works. You can turn them into cash any time you want, or you can keep them for later.

For too long, service marketplaces have been controlled by a very small, very privileged few, allowing the wealth they create to remain concentrated in just a few hands.

We're building a service marketplace controlled by its users. A marketplace that allows the wealth it creates to be distributed among the people who actually do the work.

And we're building an awesome experience besides - one that not only gives you more control, but automates a lot of your work too.

Interested in being one of the first QUESTers on the platform when we launch? Click the button below to register your interest, and be sure to join our Discord to learn about opportunities to earn and win NAETION ($NTN).

Provide services on NAETION