# NAETION Roadmap

Here's what we have planned for NAETION in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Over the last few months, we have made rapid progress behind the scenes. This is the story of our journey toward building the best and most equitable service marketplace the world has ever seen.

All throughout, we plan to grow our user base massively by launching in new service verticals and in new cities. Since the nature of rapid growth can be unpredictable, we include mostly technical metrics here in the roadmap. Rest assured, though, we plan to grow NAETION to be a premier global destination for top service providers of all kinds to sell their skills, earn a living, and control their own destiny.

First we will focus on launching the app and getting our early community involved. Once that is complete, we'll continue to add new features to the product even as we grow our user base and brand.

# Q3 2021

  • NAETION app conceived, designed and architected
  • NAETION development team recruited and onboarded
  • NAETION app v0.1 developed and tested, ready for production
  • Social media and community launched
  • Website launched
  • Presale launched

# Q4 2021

  • Presale completed
  • NAETION app launched in private beta on iOS, Android and web
  • Marketing & PR campaign launched
  • Legal opinion complete
  • NAETION ($NTN) launched in a public presale on the NAETION Presale dApp.
  • Community of NAETION ($NTN) token holders launched through Telegram, Discord, and social media.
  • Launched new marketing programs designed to grow the number of both holders of NAETION ($NTN) and users of the NAETION platform.
  • Finalized the development plan to integrate NAETION ($NTN) into the NAETION platform.

# Q1 2022

  • The NAETION team will begin to integrate NAETION ($NTN) into the NAETION platform.
  • The first beta users may gain access to features allowing them to use NAETION ($NTN) to pay for services inside the NAETION platform.

# Q2 2022

  • We will launch marketing programs designed to onboard the first holders of NAETION ($NTN) and users of the NAETION platform.
  • Our app, vision, and plans to get there will be shared with our community for the first time.
  • We will launch the final testing of our app, and make it ready to launch.

# Q3 2022

  • The NAETION team will build the first version of the NAETION ($NTN) Rewards system which will reward users programmatically when they complete certain actions in the app, such as leaving reviews or receiving 5-star ratings.
  • We will also give out the first round of Provider Grants, which will be granted in NAETION ($NTN) to providers who show exceptional performance on the NAETION platform.

# Q4 2022

  • We will launch the official NAETION ($NTN) Holder Platform which will allow NAETION ($NTN) holders to propose and vote on proposals.
  • The NAETION team will launch a new savings product called NAETION Yield, which will provide high APY interest rates paid to users/holders.

# Q1 2023

  • The NAETION team will launch NAETIONCard, which will be a credit or debit card that allows users to spend their NAETION ($NTN) for all kinds of purchases outside the NAETION platform.