# Become a Validator

Validators are our name for the members of the NAETION community who help us find and vet talented service providers (QUESTers).

A Validator's job consists of two steps: Finding and vetting.

# Level 1: Finding future QUESTers

In level 1 of NAETION's Validator program, anyone can sign up, receive their unique code, and start inviting their network to NAETION. In return, when someone they invite becomes either a QUESTers or a client, the Validator receives 1% of their total payments (earned or paid), awarded in NAETION ($NTN). The NAETION Validator protocol will do this programmatically.

This referral system, too, is a "coordination lego block" that other organizations will want to use. We plan to make it available for them after we build it for ourselves.

# Level 2: Vetting QUESTers

At NAETION, we are committed to maintaining a high bar for talent. This is crucial for maintaining NAETION's reputation among clients as the place to go when you need to hire someone great. So when a new service provider applies to join NAETION, we have a thorough vetting process to make sure they meet our quality bar.

Community members can apply to become Level 2 Validators (L2s), which means they are the ones who conduct this vetting process. The steps in the vetting process are as follows:

# 1. Look at online reputation sources

Often, a service provider will have reviews on other sites. Our L2s will comb through the data to understand how the service provider stacks up against the current top QUESTers.

# 2. Reference check

L2s are tasked with asking for references and calling them up, going through a set of questions optimized to uncover information critical to making the right decision about a candidate.

# 3. Interview

L2s also conduct interviews of candidates, again using a set of questions optimized to increase the odds of success. This is the final step before acceptance as a QUESTers.

# 4. Review

Every now and then, a QUESTers might get a poor review. It's the L2's job, then, to understand the situation by talking to both the QUESTers and the client. Their goal is to come to a decision about whether the QUESTers needs support or whether corrective action needs to be taken. They will work with the NAETION internal team to create a plan and engage in a course of action based on the information at hand.

# Becoming a Validator

Once the referral system is live, anyone can become a Level 1 Validator and start earning passive income by inviting their network to NAETION.

L2s earn NAETION ($NTN) tokens for completing each of the tasks involved in vetting QUESTers and making sure our clients will have the highest chance of having an amazing experience every time.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Validator, join our Telegram or Discord. There you'll receive updates when we're taking signups for the first batch of Validators.